3 inch Shipping & Label Thermal Printer-80TB3

Easy Installation: Easy to set up within 1 minute. Plug in cables, click and download operation drive from oadlu.com and install it according to the "how-to” video link on the website.

Automatic Suction of Paper: The printer with a stylish and compact design, which is a superb 3x2 shipping label printer, can suck first paper back automatically wasting no material.

High Speed & Resolution: Print labels in a flash with our multifunction label printer at 7.87 inch per second, meaning it can print 154 labels per minute with 203dpi high resolution.

Automatic Label Identification: The 3 inch barcode or USPS labels has an auto suction function and can automatically identify border lines, split lines, faded print, and barcodes with black print.

Inkless Printer: The Barcode thermal label printer uses direct thermal technology and thermal paper, eliminating ink, ribbon, or toner for printing.