0.5 inch Label Thermal Printer-15P1

【 Bluetooth Connection with Android and iOS】: Mini photo printer, connected to your phone with ilabel app, is making print easier.

【Make Home Organization Conveniently】: Pocket label maker can tape spice racks, cosmetics makeup, jewelry case, file folder, food storage containers with a mini sticker, which can greatly help you organize your home in order.

【Convenient Operation】: By using the app ilabel, you can print labels instantly and can also easily customize your own design with the handheld label printer.

【Supported paper type】: 0.5 inch thermal sticker with various colors, lengths, cute, and various uses. The max diameter is 40mm(1.57 inch), which is suitable for the bin.

【Portable Fashion Design】: Mini sticker printer with a built-in 1200 mAh and unique shape of antlers is a wonderful gift for friends and family.